BJ Vanderwoude,

Handicaper - ECSI


My name is BJ VanderWoude, and I am humbled to be joining the All-Star team at East Coast Sports Investors.  For as long as I can remember, sports have not just played a big part in my life, they have been my life.  First as an athlete/coach, and then moving on to fantasy sports and sports wagering, as well as working in the sports-tech startup industry.  Every athlete comes to the end of their career at some point, but the passion to compete and devotion to winning never leave. I am a competitor first and foremost, and that competitive drive is what led me to skill-based gaming.


Prior to getting into the sports-tech industry, I was a successful (profitable) online poker professional.  The core principles that I used to succeed in the poker world are the same ones I depend on today to succeed in DFS, fantasy sports and sports betting.  I practice strict bankroll management and game selection, and I never stop looking for an edge or ways to improve.  In this business, I believe if you aren’t getting better, you are getting worse.

I am a student of game theory and analytics and believe leveraging technology is essential to succeeding in today’s digital sports world.  I’ve built historical databases and statistical models to identify patterns and trends to exploit small edges and inconsistencies in odds making.  There is no shortage of statistics on the internet today, but what makes me unique is that I understand how to weigh each data point and how they contribute to predicting future success.  As the saying goes, “Statistics are like Bikini’s, they show you a lot, but not everything”.  With this in mind, my deep seated passion for the game of golf allows me to bring a “Players” point of view to my research and advice. There is no data point too small or insignificant, whether it is equipment brands, caddies, grass type or weather.

As an athlete, there is no greater feeling than winning as a team and I feel the same way as an analyst.  My clients are my teammates, and I am here to make sure we win.  I take great pride in making myself available at all times, whether it is by phone, email, text, Twitter etc.  If you have a question, I will answer it.

I am a veteran of high stakes fantasy football, competing for over 10 years, and winning league championships in every major high stakes league.  Using RotoGrinders DFS rankings for the 2015-16 seasons, I ranked in the top 97.5% of players in NFL, 96.4% in NBA and 98.5% for PGA, and am profitable independently in all three sports.