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The news is full of “light at the end of tunnel” forecasting today. The NFL sent a letter to all the teams explaining to them how and by what time they should have their employees ready for their facilities to open. It sort of reminds of the “new” standards Walmart and other big-box retailers have adopted for their associates. They are mandating temperature checks, health screening questioning, social distancing, and cleaning. The NFL is also set to release its schedule for the 2020 season on Thursday. At the same time, there has been a release that MLB is planning to send a formal schedule and plan to the player’s union. It means that once ratified by the union, the plan will become the process to execute. This sets the stage for a 2020 baseball season. ESPN has started broadcasting KBO (Korea Baseball Organization) games so baseball fans get to see some live action. The UFC is holding a 12-fight event this weekend! NASCAR has races that will run starting May 17th. PGA is starting back up on June 11th with the Charles Schwab Challenge from Fort Worth, Tx. The best way to say it is that all the answers are coming and in just a short time, we will be in the know for all our sporting leagues.

There is no one way to open all these sports and each one will have its own variance from the normal season. Some sports may end up with fewer games, some will require masks, most will start without fans, etc. We will then have to hear about all the contingencies that will need to be planned and all the other “what if” type scenarios such as, what if a player catches the virus? We will hear about hurdles that are not just pandemic related either, they are also governmental related. The Governors will need to have opened their states enough to allow for sports etc. There will be the data guys providing their models of the pandemic and what we should expect as results of allowing sports to move forward. All of this reminds me, if we want to get to the answers, we need to ask the right questions!

As we have seen via the political scene, there are viewpoints that range from beyond the realm of ridiculous opinions to those opinions that are well thought out and backed with elements of either data or proof of substance. The reality is we are not going to have eliminated the virus from our daily lives in the near or extended future, so we will have to learn how to go about our lives in ways that will allow us to coexist. There have been several meetings with the top brass of every sport with the government and the scientists. I expect that these people have laid out the minimum requirements to meet for events to take place. It amazes me to see how many media members offer their own requirements and to see how often they like to share them. Again, these are NOT the right questions! In fact, they are not questions. We need the media to report the facts. We need them to ask the questions that provide facts so we can make our own decisions. Once we are educated on what the plan is, we as individuals can make decisions on how we want to “take in” our sports. We might want to go to the games, or we might just want to watch them via tv. The right questions we need answers to are the ones that allow us the opportunity to weigh the risks if any that would be involved in attending live events.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. The light will become clearer as the days pass by. I am satisfied to know that the answers are coming. It should be within the next 10 days we know about MLB. We already have an idea about the NFL. College football should be the next domino to fall. NBA and NHL plans are in the works. Allow the process to happen, be vigilant to the proper information, look for the correct answers, and above all else be a person of action. We cannot allow ourselves to go down the wrong path here. Expectation setting is important. Overthinking can lead to paralyzing your actions. Doing so based upon unreasonable thought will lead to engaging in the wrong information, becoming idle in your own thoughts, living life through a timid viewpoint, shying away from challenges, growing weaker via inactivity, decreases in your happiness, and ultimately just being a curmudgeon. We need to aspire to be a Next Level person! We surround ourselves with reasonable thoughts, we engage with information that makes our action purposeful, our thoughts motivate and inspire us to act, we live life via a bold viewpoint, we attack challenges and overcome them, we grow stronger via activity, we increase our happiness, and we go down a road that leads to successes.

These thoughts and actions will properly set your mind to becoming a better investor and a sharper bettor. Getting answers to the right questions will get us off the pause button and straight forward into preparing, planning, and executing our own strategies that currently are on hold. The lack of start dates, schedules, division alignments, and so forth have kept us from immersing ourselves into data crunching, modeling, and forecasting. These holds are soon to be removed. Get Next Level and be ready to attack when we have the right answers.

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