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2020 Royal Rumble Preview & Predictions

2020 Royal Rumble Preview & Predictions

The road to Wrestlemania starts this evening as WWE will present tyhe 2020 Royal Rumble. This event has a start time of 7:00 pm ET and will take place at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas. This year’s event should be a doozy with two Royal Rumble matches divided across three brands, and I am here to preview it all for you. Well, most of it. WWE has just seven women listed that have entered the Rumble Match, but I will give it my best shot on that one. Who will move on to headline Wrestlemania from the Men and Women? Can DB win the title from the Fiend? Can Becky Lynch retain against Asuka? Can Roman Reigns take down King Corbin? Strap yourself in, because it’s going to be a wild ride.

Men’s Royal Rumble Match

I won’t go into all the participants in this one as that would take me forever. LOL Brock Lesnar is the WWE Champion and he will no be defending his belt in this even, but he will be in the Royal Rumble and has stated that he will be the first on in. Brock’s ego is so great that he feels he can start number one and go through all the way to the end and win it. He may make it to the last two or three but I just don’t see him winning it all. Roman Reigns is actually favored to win this and I would love for that to happen. It could come down to Lesnar, Reigns, and McIntrye as three of the final four. Now there are rumors that we could see Edge and C.M. Punk make an appearance in this one. Both have been teasing it online and Edge has actually been cleared to wrestle again. That would be something. Picking the Royal Rumble winner is tough. Any of the guys I listed above could win it but there is also Braun Stroman, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins and Randy Owens that could win it. Still, I am going out on a limb here. I am going to say that CM Punk makes his return and winds up winning it all. Prediction: Cm Punk

Women’s Royal Rumble Match

The women’s Royal Rumble match was introduced a few years ago and it has been awesome. The women have put on a show and this year’s edition should be no different. Back in NXT, Shayna Baszler lost here women’s title to Rhea Ripley. Now I feel is a good time for here to make an appearance in the Main Roster. I don’t like many heels in the WWE but I do like her. She will be in this match and Las Vegas Sports Betting has her favored to win it all. That is not a bad option, but we also have to note that Charlotte Flair, Natalya, Carmella, Sasha Banks, and Alexa Bliss will also be in it. One person to keep you eyer on as far as making a huge return is Paige. I believe she has been cleared to wrestle as well, just like Edge. I don’t think she would be a factor in the match, but I for one am a huge fan of hers and would love to see her back in the ring. We could see other surprises and some from the NXT brand as well. Still, in the end, I will go with the favorite in this one. Baszler is a beast in the ring and I feel that she would put on a hell of a show against whoever she faces at Wrestlemania. Prediction: Shayna Baszler

Universal Championship Strap Match-- The Fiend vs Daniel Bryan

Ever since Bray Wyatt made his return in the Firefly Funhouse, he has been wreaking havoc throughout the WWE. He took the belt away from Seth Rollins and has held onto it ever since. The Fiend is a monster that is very hard to put down and has constantly had the number of Daniel Bryan. The two had a match at Survivor Series, which was won by Wyatt. He was not the fiend in that match. A few days later, DB was dragged through the ring and had his hair ripped out by the Fiend. Daniel has gone back to his earlier days in the WWE and has now brought back the Yes Movement. I will be honest, I like DB as a good guy better than a heel. The Yes Movement helped him win the title a few years ago. This past Friday, the two had a contract signing and Bray got the better of Daniel again. He then stabbed his hand with the pen and used his own blood to sign the contract. He is demented. This is a strap match so no wrestler will be able to run from the other and the strap can also be used as a weapon. The Fiend doesn’t need an extra weapon. LOL. Can Daniel pull on the energy from the WWE fans and take down the demented Fiend? This should be a fun match but I don’t feel it is time for the demented one to lose his belt. Prediction: The Fiend

Raw Women’s Championship Match-- Becky Lynch vs Asuka

This should be an excellent match as the current Raw Women’s Titleholder takes on one half of the Women’s Tag Titleholders. For Becky Lynch, this match is much more than for the title as she has never been able to beat Asuka. Lynch has been so hell bent on getting this match against Asuka that she refused to even negotiate her upcoming contract unless the bout was sanctioned. Wow. Most recently, Asuka and her tag team partner Kairi Sane retained the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles against Lynch & Charlotte Flair in a brutal TLC Match, which is just another loss for Lynch against the Empress of Tomorrow. Becky was once known as Becky Two-Belts and now Asuka has been calling herself Two-Belts as she feels so confident of winning this match. This will be a war and these two ladies will put on a show, but I am not ready to here Asuka Two-Belts just yet. Prediction: Becky Lynch

Smackdown Women's Championship Match-- Bayley vs Lacey Evans

I don’t know about you, but Bayley with the black hair and the nastier attitude makes her a bit hotter. LOL. I’m still am not a fan of hers right now, but I give her props for hanging on to the belt as long as she has. Could her reign finally be over? We shall see. While Bayley was making her change to a heel, Lacey Evans was going the other way and now she has her shot at the Smackdown Women’s Title. Lacey has been on a tear of late, ever since Sasha banks mocked her little girl, who was at ringside. Bayley and Sasha keep telling Lacey that she is a bad mother and Evans keeps handing them the Women’s Right. Evans supposed to battle Banks on the Jan. 17 edition of SmackDown, but before the match, the pair, along with Bayley got into a wild brawl in the backstage area! Sasha was injured and Bayley had to take her place in the match. Lacey then went on to grab the biggest win of her WWE career and was thus given this opportunity for the title. Lacey won that match with a Woman’s Right. Can she duplicate the feat? I don’t think it will happen and I do expect Sasha to play a role in the outcome. Prediction: Bayley

Falls Count Anywhere Match-- Roman Reigns vs Corbin

This should be a fun match and no matter who wins, both will be in the Royal Rumble match later in the night. One thing I hope is that this rivalry will be over after this match as it has gone on for far too long now. These two have been beating the hell each other and it should all come to a head this evening in a Fallas Count Anywhere Match. Two weeks ago on Smackdown, Roman Reigns beat Robert Roode in a tables match and because of that win, Reigns was able to pick the stipulation for this one. Roode had help in that match from Ziggler and Corbin but the Usos came out to help their cousin. You can expect the Usos and Roode and Ziggler to somehow be a factor in this mate. We have seen Corbin & Ziggler humiliating Reigns by handcuffing him to the ring post and covering him with dog food. Reigns costing Corbin an opportunity at the Universal Championship. Roman getting Corbin ousted in the Survivor series, despite being teammates. plus a crazy Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match. There has been a lot of other chaos in between. As I said at the top, I hope tonight is the end of it. Reigns has some momentum and he finally has backup with the Usos at his side. I say he will walk away with what could be the best match of the night. Prediction: Roman Reigns

United States Championship Match-- Andrade vs. Humberto Carrillo

This one was announced just recently and it could be a good match. Andrade finally won his first title in the WWE and he did it against Rey Mysterio at Madison Garden a few weeks ago. This one is a bit personal for Humberto Carrillo after Andrade put him on the shelf for a month. Carrillo is an up-and-coming star in the WWE and he has some gravity defy moves, which makes him very fun to watch. He has had his opportunity at the U.S. Title when AJ Styles had the belt but failed to win it. This past week on Smackdown, Andrade successfully defended the title against Mysterio and when he was about to do some post-match damage against Rey, Carrillo came out and stopped Andrade. Now it sets up a huge match between these rising stars in the WWE. It will be a fun match and I am going to call for the upset here as Carrillo does have some revenge on his mind and I feel that Selina Vega will do something to hurt Andrade and not help him. Prediction: Humberto Carrillo

Shorty G vs. Sheamus

This is not a huge match in the scheme of things in the WWE, but it could be a good match. Sheamus had been out of the WWE for a few months and when he came back he had lost the mohawk and talke

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Also, check me out at Winner & Whinersd about the decline of Smackdown in his absence. His first target when he came back was Shorty G or as most know him, Chad Gable. There is not a lot of history between these two but a confident Shorty G did attack the Celtic Warrior backstage, leaving Sheamus scrambling and embarrassed. I think that will anger Sheamus even more for this one and Shorty G will be in trouble. Prediction: Sheamus.

There you have it. All of the announced matches so far. There may be another one or two that could pop up, especially during the pre-show. Tonight kicks off a wild 69-day journey until Wrestlemania 36, so strap yourself in and enjoy the journey.

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