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2022 MLB Predicted Finish

2022 Predictions

Both the AL and NL East divisions will be a year-long fight. In the AL East, you can alternate NYY and TB, but I will take TOR to come out ahead. Their offense is too much for the other teams, and their pitching is good even though it might not be the best in the East. CHW cruise in the Central. HOU wins the West but LAA looks much better with health, Syndergaard, and a decent bullpen. I like CHW to come out of the AL to play in the World Series. I don't like HOU losing Correa, and I think TOR is just lacking in experience similar to CHW of last year.

The NL East is loaded with talented players. I don't like teams to win the season they make wholesale changes (aka Mets). ATL is still the team to beat in the East, but these teams will beat each other up. Don't look past the Marlins. They are rising but still short on offense. MIL is just better than the other teams, especially pitching. Their offense should be better too, and combine that with the bullpen, to get the division winner here. STL should score some runs! They need pitching badly. LAD is the best team in the West but lacks pitching. They have a softball team-type offense.

I like LAD and their experience to carry the World Series over CHW.

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