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Now with the HOPE NFL starts on time, or close enough, there are tons of ways to INVEST in sports, the KEY to SUCCESS is your ability to SHOP around, have OPTIONS!!!! Nothing worse then BUYING a bad number just because your lazy, or you didnt so your homework. VEGAS is SHARP enough, never mind they hold the EDGE..


Now ECSI lives about one hour from Foxboro & Gillette Stadium, the BUZZ, very quiet at this time.. Why?? #1 TB12 or Tom Brady has taken his GOAT status to Tampa Bay. Secondly the Pats have lost some other big names due to free Agency.. 3rdly, currently STIDHAM, second year QB from Auburn or journey man Brian Hoyer is the backup, though CAM Newtown is still available.

AFC has gotten stronger, BILLS currently the favorite to win the Division. ALLEN another year older, additions of DIGGS give him a deep threat and possession receiver. J E T S will be better, but MIAMI adds TUA, a ton of DEFENSIVE help & a chip on there shoulder as well. PATS will not be going 6-0 or 5-1 in Division play!!!

Lastly, the non conference schedule vs NFCWest will pose problems, two games in LA in 4 days wont help. In BILL we TRUST?? Of course, ECSI believes he is motivated to WIN without BRADY and also LONGTERM goal to catch Don Shula for most wins.. Now the EDGE!!!!

It takes 10 WINS to beat us.. 9 is a PUSH, 8-8 or worst and we are WINNERS💵🍾💵

PATRIOTS UNDER 9 WINS at Westgate Las VEGAS is our suggestion🤓

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