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NHL is BACK, well lets just say the Round Robins, ReSeedings, Playoffs, Conference Finals & eventual Stanley Cup Champs... Gary Bettman laid out the ground work, approved on both sides, work still to be done, but there will be HOCKEY!!!!

8 potential host cities, ECSI can tell you this, VEGAS is one of them!!! Now the NHL must figure out who will host the East. Everyone MUST understand this, its unchartered waters, 3 months off, potential 5 months since the teams first game back, yes there are plenty of favorites & of course plenty of long shots.

When looking for VALUE, potential EDGES, something to grasp, other than our trusty spreadsheets , ECSI weighs in ALL factors. Who got healthy? Who wasnt going to be playing, now a second lease on life? Potential host city? Dont forget, NO FANS, technically NO HOME ICE Advantage.

39155. PENGUINS +$800 Eastern Conference Champs..

Sid the kid, Malkin & company have more offense then most, but what has always been there problem?? Goaltending.. Everyone knows to WIN the CUP it generally takes a HOT Goaltender, one that can steal the show, one that can save the offense on an off night. Now ECSI doesn't know who is hosting the EAST, nor will it matter? 

8-1 is well worth the price from this team. 


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