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5/3 - FREEBIE - UFC 249

UFC 249 Saturday May 9th, Jacksonville Florida. Dana White has 11 fights scheduled🙏🏽💪

24625 Donald Cerrone “The Cowboy” +$115

Now most remember Cerrone last fight. If you went to the bathroom, you missed it👀. Connor McGregor basically charged forward and kneed Donald in the head, in the first ten seconds, 20 seconds later, no mas, lights out...

Anthony Pettis has also seen better days, 4-8 his last twelve fights, yet Circa Sports in Las Vegas has him -$135.

Its now or never for both fighters, but ECSI leans towards the man coming off a bad showing. Someone who has showed a ❤️ Of a Lion. Someone who wont put two clunkers together back 2 back🥂

Donald the “Cowboy” Cerrone +$115 *Winner*💵

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