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The world has become a cesspool of politicians, leaders, public figures, and even police chiefs that have shown just how hypersensitive this current environment has made them. Mental toughness daily wears you down. The definition of “hypersensitivity” reads “a tendency to be easily hurt, worried, or offended”. What a time in America. We have NCAAF coaches having to apologize for the t-shirt they are wearing because it reflected a news station that didn’t cast a light on the current environment the same as the National media have been doing. We have the QB for Texas A&M saying” I need to see change” regarding a statue on the campus being removed. We have NFL players now full out supporting kneeling during the National anthem. UNLV removed their Confederate themed “rebel” statue. The English Premier Soccer League players knelt to start games and jerseys had BLM on them. Keep in mind this in Europe. There was an MLB pitcher for ARI who stated, “I feel like I’m on an island”. I see hypersensitivity everywhere I look. I see it on tv, the internet, social media, in restaurants, on the radio. It is everywhere. It also seems to be a “new” accepted behavior that gets quick attention and a result. I am not judging the people behind the behavior, but I am skeptical this notion will float long term. Things are often cyclical. They happen in cycles or reoccurring events. So, what does this have to do with winning bets? It is the focus of what you are hypersensitive to and your behavior around that topic.

It is has become time to address “hypersensitivity” that is in our world of gambling and sports. Social Media has made the gambling group of people (also known as #GamblingTwitter) a hypersensitive area that is full of bad energy, hate, and constant beratement of your own ideas and concepts! Why do you gamble? What is the enjoyment you get out of it? Find a way to steer clear of that crap and become acutely aware of your environment. You are wanting to change that culture to something else. Winning bets are made from positive energy, love for that exuberant winning feeling, and support of a close circle of like-minded gamblers sharing ideas and information. Let’s call this area the Next Level domain. Surround yourself and engage with Next Level humans, the difference will change your life. Your drive for success will grow. Your ability to smile and celebrate winning will become the ultimate goal for you. This is where you need to be. Like those seeking change for their environments, you need to be “hyper-aware” when you are NOT in the Next Level domain. It will cost you money and happiness.

Without getting into the weeds here, success in gambling is about utilizing your skills in combination with the right mindset. As the world is demanding change, you should too! The proper mindset should include a focus on what keeps you progressing forward. I asked a question earlier. It was “What enjoyment do you get out of gambling?” There was a reason for asking this. The answer to this question changes often! Sometimes your enjoyment is cashing the ticket or maybe it is the thought of getting over on the sportsbook. I assure you the answer does change. The importance is your answer will help you focus on staying positive and to remind yourself why you enjoy sports gambling.

The 19-year-old QB demands a statue removal and the head coach who must apologize for his t-shirt choice. Today’s environment is one of sensitivity and repercussions. It is a must to be hyper-aware of your own domain and it’s needs. Demand that you spend time developing the proper mindset as you become a seasoned veteran gambler. Learn to smile and celebrate your wins! Next Level human is the right direction, be aware when that direction goes awry!

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