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Win & in, lose & get ready for mini camps in April/May.. Not much to ask a second year quarterback Justin Herbert or seasoned vet Derek Carr. Chargers 9-7, a team that has showed flashes & some inconsistencies. Herbert is a beast, can make ALL the throws, 2 stud wide receivers with Keenan Allen & Big Mike Williams. Secondly, one of the best all around backs in the NFL Austin Ekler. The RAIDEeeeerrrrssss… What a season, Coach Gruden, aka Chuckie, GONE!!!! John Madden just passed away… Henry Ruggs DUI & kicked off team. All pro WALLER, one of the elite tight ends, MIA last 3 weeks. A team 4 weeks ago, left for dead after home loss vs WFT 17-15. Now 3 weeks later, 3 wins vs Browns, Broncos & Colts, back home, winner take ALL!!! 820pm #482 RAIDERS +3.5 -120 our FREEBIE.. at print we bought the HOOK, hence -120 juice. Also we invested a little & on the +141 Money line Our goal at ECSI is to provide information, education & help the people that are actively looking for it!!! We are NOT a TOUT, Scamdicapper or some little wanna bee flipping coins in moms basement!!! If you have NEVER heard of East Coast Sports Investors, PLEASE go to GOOGLE, search SPORTS INVESTORS, YES that is us, ECSI, the #1 ranked sports Investors, 1st page according to Google If you are ALL SET, can’t be bothered, NO IT ALL, please UNSUBSCRIBE at the bottom of the page. You can follow us on our social media pages, send us an email or go directly to our website. We look forward to 2022, it’s going to be EPIC Email Twitter @ECSportsInvest Facebook & IG @eastcoastsportsinvestors YOU Tube & Twitch @eastcoastsportsinvestors Always invest & wager responsibly Jeff Dawson CEO/Founder

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