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As we sit here, almost midnight back East, this game jumps off the page for ECSI.. The Utah Utes, 5-6 this year, 1-5 in PAC 12 play & last 6 games travel to Washington St currently 9-4 this season. They too struggling in league play, 1-4 this season.

Now if anything, ECSI educates daily, we are not the entertainers, we leave that to ESPN & Fox, and never mind Social Media. Why isn’t a 9-4 team favored over a 5-6 team??

Currently, this game opened up a PICKEM at Cris & -1.5 at Pinnacle, the 2 sources you want for your opening lines. From there VEGAS begins there COPY & PASTE , while figuring out there clientele and % of what will be wagered. ECSI will make it simple for everyone here🏀

10pm #773 UTAH -118 ML our FREEBIE.. Do yourself a favor, take the POINT or POINTS Out of Play, JUST WIN BABY📈💵🏀

If you like what you are receiving, we will be back on Sunday, also reach out to our Social Media outlets, email or website to connect.

If these emails aren’t for you, just hit the UNSUBSCRIBE at the bottom of the 📄

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January almost over, but look for our LIVE Sports Market show debuting SOON , like MAD MONEY & Jim Cramer, but with a Sports wagering theme📈

Jeff Dawson


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