How is everyone doing?? Last week right here, we released RAVENS -2 or -2.5, really wanted to make sure we got OFF the key number of 3, and comically the LAST play of game, 10 laterals later, Ravens get a SAFETY & WIN by 5, congrats to all that cashed💵

This week, the same Browns team travel to Met Life & face a Giants team who will be without Daniel Jones & of course RB sensation Saquon Barkley who has been done for a while now. Insert Colt McCoy at QB and we shall see 👀

Browns in the thick of playoffs, Division Champs highly unlikely, Steelers limping to clinch, schedule sets up nice. Browns though, will be playing as long as eventually they get win #10 at some point .

Giants who miraculously had the NFC East lead 2 weeks ago, now trail the WFT, who play Seattle this week & no Alex Smith, Haskins will be behind center.

What’s the PUBLIC think??

First glance, NO CHANCE..

70% bets

67% money

ALL on BROWNS, line has moved from -5, to -6.5.. It’s Sunday Night Football , Primetime game at 820.. FAVORITES & OVER🚨🚨🚨


GIANTS +7 -$120 FREEBIE... the -$120 JUICE is for the 1/2 point you MAY NEED to get to +7 or better!!!!

ECSI hopes everyone has a very Merry Xmas🌲🎁🎅, friends, family & loved ones. If you enjoy what we deliver on Sundays, please hit the links below or send us an email to introduce ourselves & maybe talk app or our VIP experience & LifeStyle. If for some reason you do not like these emails, just UNSUBSCRIBE at the bottom of the page📈


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See you at the Winners Circle 🥂

Jeff Dawson


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