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When evaluating this years NFL Playoff futures & props, one must realize that there are now 7 teams from each conference that will play for the Super Bowl. #1 seed from AFC & NFC get the byes, while Saturday & Sunday will each have 3 Wild Card games, yes pure madness for sure.

Each year there will be 4 teams that will make the playoffs out of no were, while 4 teams that made the playoffs year before, will be watching from the sidelines, though things could change with extra spot in each conference. Today we will examine the AFC Conference.

Two clear cut favorites to make the playoffs. Defending SB Champs KC Chiefs -1610 & Baltimore Ravens -825. AFC East, NO TOM BRADY, basically Patriots -225 & Bills -180 to make playoffs.

Now technically there are 4 more teams that have -$, they are Steelers -145, Titans -125, Colts -165, Texans -105 to make playoffs, but -115 to NOT make playoffs.

Now are objective here is to take our HEART & EGO out of the equation, look for value, edge & of course potential PROFIT.  Last years darlings, this years no way kids!!!!

Cleveland Browns +$145 to MAKE AFC PLAYOFFS... Now this won't sit well with most, since KC & Ravens are MORTAL LOCKS, barring injury.. Everyone is banking on the Steelers to bounce back, with Big Ben & good young defense. ECSI feels BROWN this year, will NOT have bulls eye on back, IF BAKER can keep dancing, commercials & mouth out of media.. OBJ decides NOT to be a DIVA.. CHUBBS & HUNT will SHINE... Good young D, great recipe with added playoff team & PLUS MONEY VALUE... BROWNS +$145 AFC PLAYOFFS

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