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Its getting closer to NFL draft day, still scheduled for April 23-25🙏🏽  First of all, Happy Easter, a day that should be enjoyed with Family, loved ones, Easter Egg hunts, Ham Dinners & the Final round of the Masters😥

Now if you have been following our FREEBIES, last email we talked about, IF you could find OVER 5.5 Wide Receivers to take it, said it would be JUICED, here is -$141🧐

We also talked earlier about Jonathan Taylor +$155 to be drafted before SWIFT from Georgia.. This FREEBIE might surprise all of you.

Running Backs drafted 1st Round 

UNDER .5 +$230👀👀👀

That is correct, pass the GREY POUPON & 0 running backs drafted first round & +$230 to the ECSI FAMILY💵🥂😷

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