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April 23-25 the #NFL will be taking center stage, World Wide🌎🌏🌍. Now ECSI basically waived the white flag March 13th, but the writing was on the wall a few days prior. Roger Godell will NOT be booed for the 1st time in history as he will not have any fans there to boo 32 straight times he carries the index card to the microphone😂😷

Now for the FREEBIE

There has been a strong move from the SHARPS in VEGAS that Antoine Winfield is flying up the charts and has PASSED Grant Delpit of LSU and the safety position. WINFIELD a Sophomore from Minnesota University , leadership, ball-skills, instincts and play against the run has opened some eyes around the league. With this said, ECSI will release and suggest...

ANTOINE WINFIELD JR +$280 to be drafted before Grant Delpit -$340..

BUY NOW, thank ECSI later💵🍺🏈🍾

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