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Sorry for the glare, but there is STEAM in the wide receiver ranks in April 23-25 NFL Draft. ECSI sees a three horse race for first wide receiver taken.

Jerry Jeudy... Alabama

Cee Dee Lamb... Oklahoma

Henry Ruggs... Alabama

Now everyone has seen dozens of mock drafts, there is nothing better to be doing during COVID_19 then writing mock drafts and sending them on Twitter and Social Media. With that said, the WR depth in this draft, has never been stronger. IF YOU CAN BUY OVER 5.5 wide receivers taken in the first round, BUY NOW, will be heavily juiced, but its a WINNER for sure💵💵

Probably will land on six, but there is a slim chance that seven wide receivers could go in the first round👀👀👀

Now your FREEBIE


Will be drafted HIGHER than Jerry Juedy

** the key to this happening is the JETS at 11, NOT taking a wide receiver or JUEDY.. the wide receiver run should begin at #12, then gets hot and heavy🏈🔥🏈

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