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Friday Night Basketball Freebie

The weekend is here, yes it’s NFL Championship weekend, but there are a lot of appetizers before kickoff.

Boise St 16-4, winners of 12 in a row, 7-0 in conference play head to Fresno St hoping to keep there winning streak in tack.

Fresno St 14-5, 4-2 in league play are hoping they are the team to put a stop to this streak & be just one game back in the league standings.

At print, this number has been bouncing all around, have seen Boise St -1.5, to a pickem. ECSI is buying NOW hoping to beat the streak & rush to the

11pm #902 FRESNO ST +1.5 our FREEBIE

Please note, you may get +1 or pickem, all is good in our eyes

If your looking for your very own sports broker or information service. One that follows over 50 sports books world wide, one that never sleeps & also ranked #1 according to Google Search 1st page for Sports Investors, PLEASE search if you don’t believe us. Just follow our social media pages, head to our website & get started!!! Any questions, can DM there or just send an email.

If you can’t be bothered, already a professional, can’t be rewired , or add another source to your repertoire, then kindly unsubscribe at bottom of page.

Always Invest and wager Responsibly

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Enjoy the weekend

Jeff Dawson


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