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Friday Night MLB FREEBIE

Yes, there is NBA & NHL playoffs going on tonight, but truthfully spreads just too steep, so we will turn our attention to the MLB & 💎

Houston Astros travel to Seattle to face the Mariners, two teams going in opposite direction, we’ll at least the starting pitchers are. Last year Chris FLEXEN was a win machine, helped by a lot of offense when he pitched. He will face CY Verlander who has been as dominate as anyone in the Bigs this year. This price is STEEP also, but we will slip in the back door!!

940pm #977 ASTROS -1.5 RL -113 at print @Circa LV

Basically means Astros MUST WIN by 2 runs or more!!!

1 game doesn’t make a Service, neither does a week, or month. ECSI is currently 7.5 years of Public Service & over 35 years of experience!!!

We are offering an EMAIL Special, yes come join our FAMILY & TEAM for just $2 a day!!! That’s 59.99 a month, for the 1st 3 months, a SAVINGS of $315 a month retail pricing!!!!!

All Sports, all delivered to your cell via text, & emailed. Releases, leans & breakdowns. Want more?? Come follow ECSI on Social media, turn on your notifications, never miss a tweet or LIVE show, 2-3 a day on all Social media platforms & now downloaded at your favorite PODCAST platform.

If your All Set, can’t be bothered, Please just UNSUBSCRIBE at bottom of page, it’s that Simple!!!!

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Always Invest & wager Responsibly 🤓🤔

Jeff Dawson


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