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Friday Night NHL FREEBIE

It’s game #5 Stanley Cup, the two time Champs have been knocked down 3 times, can they with stand the knock out punch & force a game #6 or are the AVES getting ready to hoist Lords Stanley Cup??

At print Aves -175 ML, Lightning +155 U/O 6 -120

Now obviously ECSI will NOT release a -175, too steep, but will get creative & try to CASH!!!

8pm #30 AVES -109 in REGULATION…. NO OT

What’s $2 a day get you?? ECSI VIP treatment DELIVERED to your Cell via TEXT & emailed.. ALL SPORTS!!! 1st time CLIENT & EMAIL SPECIAL

Go to website, check plans & pricing , the rest is history!!!


Twitter @ECSportsInvest

YOU TUBE & Twitch @eastcoastsportsinvestors

All SHOWS 2-3 a day, can be DOWNLOADED at your favorite PODCAST Platform

Always Invest & wager Responsibly

Jeff Dawson


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