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MLB is BACK, well lets hope so🙏🏽⚾️  July 23 & 24 are the scheduled Opening Days post Covid19 and Pandemic 2020. Now all is subject to change, but currently a 60 game SPRINT, at the clubs Home Parks, currently with NO FANS😢

Now ECSI plans to continue Grinding out the numbers, as the obvious, is NEVER correct in this Business, well lets say most of the time. So with that said, you will hear a lot of TRENDY DOGS, VALUE plays from the PUBLIC. Wow, I can get that PRICE, on them?? 

FAVORITES or we call CHALK are the YANKEES & DODGERS, both deep in talent, but price tags show there is currently ZERO VALUE.. With that said, ECSI will release its first U/O MLB today⚾️

25653 PADRES OVER 30.5 -$115

This team is loaded with YOUTH, which could benefit them in a shortened season. Pitchers scheduled for 120 or 150 innings will be able to get there full innings. Offensively, the dynamic Fernando TATIS looks to take another step to stardom. Yes, in the NL West, with a Dodgers team U/O 38👀, which Vegas telling you that they will WIN Division rather comfortably.

We strongly urge everyone, to stick with ECSI the next 30 days, as we tend to EDUCATE the Public, not ENTERTAIN You🤓🧐🤔

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