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MLB Opening Day Freebie

It’s finally here, PLAY BALL⚾️ Last year COVID stopped the Sports World, put most on halt, and most in bubbles & shortened seasons. MLB wasn’t exempt , 60 games, extended playoffs, both leagues with universal DH & eventual LA Dodgers the World Champs defeating Tampa Bay Rays.

When wagering on baseball, Money Lines come into play. Underdogs + money vs Favorites - money to win. Generally speaking a pickem could be -110 to win $100, while the underdog +100 or even. To be successful one must stay away from BIG FAVORITES, because a bullpen or error could turn a -280 into a loss very quickly.

Early season games, weather always a factor, short leashes or pitch counts for starting pitching, lineups weakened with early scheduled days off. A million factors come into play, one must also remember there is 162 games, 7 months of⚾️, DONT CHASE or blow the bankroll in April & not get to Memorial Day or even the All Star Break in July. Today’s FREEBIE.

1005pm #982 ANGELS +105 *BUNDY* vs White Sox. List BUNDY in case of scratch, will VOID wager .

Last year MOST Books went to ACTION, all wagers PLAYED based on COVID and multiple scratched starting pitchers. This year to start, you should be able to LIST your STARTING Pitchers.

ECSI plans to begin its 2 FREEBIEs a week, on Thursday & Sunday’s . If you like what you are receiving, come follow ECSI on Social Media, introduce yourself & get acquainted with our Family & Team. If you DONT want to receive these emails anymore, just UNSUBSCRIBE at bottom of page.

Twitter @ECSportsInvest

Facebook & IG @eastcoastsportsinvestors

Enjoy Opening Day, best of luck & see you at the Winners Circle💴🍾⚾️

Jeff Dawson


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