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Monday Night Football

Start of this NFL Season, both Ravens & Colts had high expectations. Colts add Carson WENTZ, after Phillip Rivers retires, giving them some buzz in Indy, IF Carson can stay HEALTHY 🤐

Ravens & Lamar, another year of optimism, but let’s say PreSeason & RB injuries devastated the Ravens. JK Dobbins & Gus Edwards BOTH done for the season, add offensive lineman, CBs & a few more , the MASH unit could easily been used to describe them.

Now excuses will never be used at ECSI, this game we don’t want decided prior to opening kickoff & the injury report. Carson WENTZ has issues with BOTH ankles, an o line taped together with Gorilla glue & duck tape, the list keeps adding daily.

Ravens come into this game with some momentum. Two weeks ago, TUCKER from the moon, well 66 yards to beat the Lions, then last week box to wire @ Denver vs previously undefeated Broncos.

This game opened 6.5 & 48 U/O.. Now at print, -7 & U/O 45.5.. PUBLIC ALL IN on Under but on the game itself bets wise 62 % on Ravens , but a 51-49% split on the money, hence the reason this number isn’t moving off -7🤓🧐

815pm. #479 COLTS +7.5 -120… ECSI bought the 🪝 HOOK or some say 1/2 point😜

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Jeff Dawson


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