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Monday Night Football

Is it time to circle the wagons & crown the Buffalo Bills this years AFC Champs & heading to the Super Bowl?

4-1, winners of 4 in a row & a Sunday night thrashing at KC and Patrick Mahomes!!!

The Tennessee Titans, 3-2, losses opening day at home vs Cardinals, and shocking loss at the Jets, 8 point favorites!!!

Opening number suggests, that the Bills & Josh Allen, with there defense will have little problems this Monday, but ECSI says otherwise!!!!

820pm #276 TITANS +6 -120 we bought the 🪝 HOOK will CASH & COVER.. if your feeling froggy, +208 ML to win OUTRIGHT, 🍕 & 🍺 money…

Yes, the Bills are rolling, tough to get up & reach that peak level like last Sunday, TITANS Defense MUST be ready!!!

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Jeff Dawson


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