In sports wagering, betting , gambling, or what ECSI has states since day #1 sports investing the Public always remembers what they saw last. Vegas in turn knows this, and lets say, plants the seed or dangles the 🥕

Miami Heat🔥🔥🔥 absolutely enfuego the first three games of the Series dominating the number one seed Milwaukee Bucks.

On the other side, the Milwaukee Bucks, a team looking lost in the NBA Bubble, a team that’s coach will be fired as soon as this Series is officially over. Last years MVP Giannis looks lost, his teammates, already packed up, ready to leave Orlando & Disney, faster then Space Mountain.

Vegas has even helped the Public make the decision for them. The Miami Heat opened -1 point favorites 👀, now -2 as the Public feels the 🧹 coming. Can the Heat actually close the deal on Sunday , send The Bucks packing, an actual 4-0 Series Sweep?

Milwaukee BUCKS +2📈💵🏀

Not today, there will be a game #5, but ECSI suggest to take the +2 points just in case. 

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NFL back on Thursday 🏈

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