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NBA Friday Night FREEBIE🏀

Now, before this series started most thought we had a 6 or 7 game barn burner, but NO EMBID, most would think NO CHANCE!!! At print, Wednesday night 11pm, the Miami HEAT now lead the Series 2-9, heading to the City of Brotherly LOVE🔔

Now, what ECSI does, is study the MARKET, we concentrate on VEGAS opening numbers, follow what the SHARPS do OVERNIGHT, then come back in the morning to follow the PUBLIC & DEGENS.

Currently, we see Miami -1 & Philly -1 all across the Vegas Strip & online shops , off shore too. With all this , we will take our swing, 76ers LAST STAND!!!

7pm. #558 76ers -110 vs Heat.. if 76ers are -1, play the ML , take the point out of play 🍹

This is a FREEBIE from ECSI to YOU.. one game, week or even month makes a Service. 7.5 years of Public Service, #1 ranked Sports Investors according to Google 1st page does. Search IF you don’t BELIEVE US🤝

Twitter @ECSportsInvest

Facebook & IG @eastcoastsportsinvestors

YOU Tube & IG @eastcoastsportsinvestors

Tik Tok @ECSI66

Turn on notifications, currently 2-3 LIVE shows a day, on ALL Platforms 📺

Always Invest & wager Responsibly 🤓🧐

Jeff Dawson


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