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When it comes to QBs there has been no better comparison then Brady vs Rodgers.. Years upon years, we have envisioned the Super Bowl matchup, Packers vs Patriots each year, but that never has happened , now with TB12 in Tampa, wont happen again.

Packers 4-0 and are rolling. PreSeason, ECSI was down on the Packers, sighting friction between Rodgers & Head Coach, the drafting of Love at QB, with there 1st round pick, instead of a wide receiver they desperately needed. Have no fear, SUPERMAN is here, as Rodgers has carved thru the NFL, with Aaron Jones running through everyone & when healthy, Devante Adams catching everything in site.

TB12 on the other hand, hasn’t had the great start of his counter part. Opening day loss @ Saints, compounded with a TNF loss at Bears has slowed the BUCS & Super Bowl chants down. They are 2-0 at home, but came back from 17 down to defeat the Chargers.

Sundays game at Tampa, has had some crazy line movement, like a lot of other games . Bucs opened -2.5 and immediately Packer money came flying in and pushed RODGERS & Company as high as -1.5, now the market has settled to about a Pickem. If this game was at Lambeau this game would be Packers -4.5 or better. For value & EDGE, ECSI tends to lean to the home team & the more desperate vs the undefeated & road team , but always remember this, it’s NOT the LOGOS or NAMES on the back of the jerseys, that dictates what ECSI Invests in, it’s the Sports Market, SHARPS & fading the PUBLIC that will be the eventual reasoning📈


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Jeff Dawson

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