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Saturday College Football!

When trying to navigate the board with a 100+ games, one of the keys to success is trying to away from the marquee games & find the ones that have slipped through the cracks.

Memphis @ Tulsa two teams with 0 expectations of National contention and a Tulsa team that got shellacked at Home -5 point favorites vs Houston on National tv.

Memphis 3-2, was 3-0, but b2b losses vs UTSA & Temple which makes this game so intriguing!!!

Vegas opened Tulsa -3.5 & -190 ML, but have seen some money trickling in on the Tigers. ECSI will try to beat the market at the time of this email & printing…

9pm #372 TULSA -2.5 -120 .. ECSI bought the 🪝 HOOK

If your looking for a TEAM that works around the clock , monitoring 50+ sportsbooks around the globe, you very own Sports Broker. Every move, steam, RLM, weather, scratches, etc ECSI is your Service!!!

If your already a professional, someone not looking for information delivered to your cell & email daily, then just unsubscribe at the bottom of the page 📄

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Always invest & wager Responsibly 🤓🧐

Jeff Dawson


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