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Opening NFL Sunday is here. Now some or most probably thought due to Covid19 & Pandemic this day would not come in 2020, ECSI was skeptical for sure, but always kept the faith🙏🏽

To be successful in the game called LIFE, we must overcome many obstacles , stay away from the negativity, always remain positive even when time look bleak . We like to say, stay away from the cancerous people ALWAYS trying to bring you DOWN, life is too short to be dealing with them & dragging you down with them!!!

Sermon over😂, now on to🏈. America’s team heads to LA.. New coach Mike McCarthy, a team many experts & sharps expect to go a long way in this years NFL Season. Some, even to win the NFC East, the NFC Championship & even hoist the Lombardi Trophy as Super Bowl Champs first weekend in February 🙌

LA Rams have down shifted, releases some key guys, more as Cap Space casualties.. With that said still have the most feared player in football, uncoverable MR Donald💪

This game opened Cowboys -2.5 & -140 ML to win out right. A closer look shows a 58-35 split on our graph.. More bets on Dallas, but less money.. SHARPS are siding with the home team here.. 65% of the money coming in on the Rams creating the line to drop to +2... Same can be said about the ML. Dallas opened -140, now -135.. all bets & money siding with Rams again, 63-71 split dropping them from +120, to currently +115

RAMS +2... Our ECSI FREE NFL selection🏈🙌

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