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Happy NFL Sunday, as we are already to week #9, just past the 1/2 way point. Now Covid has caused 10 NCAAF games postponed this week, NFL has dodged it for at least this week, though a few scares & few players are out. Now before we dive into this weeks FREEBIE, we hope you enjoyed the DOLPHINS last week winner & even hope you sprinkled a little +145 ML for some pizza & beer. Defense played phenomenal & TUA struggled early, but the outcome was a WIN💵

This week, we have a game with 2 teams moving in different directions. A Ravens team 5-2, who some thought might go undefeated, losses to Chiefs & Steelers, combined 1 loss between the two teams. Now the Colts who lost opening day @ Jacksonville, then one other loss at Browns. Also note, Colts play on Thursday night @ Titans and marquee divisional matchup.

Vegas has been spot on with the Colts opening numbers this year. Whether -3.5 week #2 vs Vikings, -3 @ Bears & Lions... Now this week, Vegas opened RAVENS -3, not Colts.. This was an 👀👀👀for sure for ECSI and it’s Investors📈. Now currently the line has dropped from -3. All the way to -1, now some -1.5 on the Vegas Strip.

Now there are no such things as 🔒, that’s on your front & back doors of your home. Also, these teams are evenly matched, but ECSI believes that the Opening line released by VEGAS is such a key statement & must be used throughout the week to help you guide yourself, before eventually investing or wagering on any game ..


Take the -1, or -1.5 out of play , invest in the ML & just WIN Baby🏈📈💵

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Always Invest Responsibly 

Jeff Dawson


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