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Congrats to everyone who tailed ECSI on Miami’s Heats +8 cover & cash💵 last week, we strive for excellence, but also want everyone to understand one game win, lose or draw make a Service. A lot of people expect, since we are experts & professionals in this business we are suppose to win every game, we sure try to & expect too, but it’s physically impossible. In this Business 51.9% is the break even spot, 52-54% is considered very good. ECSI is almost at 57% which is elite, that’s almost six years of 💯 documented by our accounting department, that’s also why we are #1 ranked Sports Investors according to Google📈🍾💵

Game #6, Lakers lead the Series 3-2, Friday night the 🌏expected Lakers, in there black Mamba jerseys to close the deal, win the NBA Championship 4-1 , which they had done all playoffs long. Jimmy Butler & the rest of the Heat, had other ideas, winning outright & creating tonight’s matchup .

Lakers have opened up as high as 9 point favorites throughout the first five games, mostly because Dragic & Bam have been out or hurt. Tonight’s game , Lakers have opened up there lowest in all of the playoffs & now finals at -5.5.. A PUBLICS dream, especially the last game on the Sunday slate other than last NFL game at 820pm.. Also noted the Lakers money line which has been as high as -350, is currently -214, and opened at -210👀


Final thoughts.. IF you don’t like what we deliver each Sunday, there is a UNSUBSCRIBE button at the bottom of the email. For the ones that like & want more information about ECSI💪

Follow us on Twitter @ECSportsInvest

Facebook & IG at Jeff Dawson @ eastcoastsportsinvestors

See you at the Winners Circle💵🍾📈

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