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It’s Sunday FUNday for some, but in the Sports world the PUBLIC is usually in a FRENZY!!!! Why you ask?? Last day of the week, once the clock strikes Midnight a new week will begin. For MOST, a time to reflect, HOW did it happen AGAIN

There are always land mines every day & night, but generally on Sundays, the CHALK is not your friend, always one or two, sometimes more UPSETS on this day then most. PARLAYS turn into confetti, beer coasters, covering the floor of the Sports Books, as the -330ML loses out right, the list is endless, especially in baseball.

Sunday features, NHL round 3, Lightning -195 to win game one. Bets are getting bet at an 87% clip & the SUNS looking for a 4 game SWEEP, -3 & getting bet at a 97% ML clip. So when they ZIG, ECSI Zags.

MVP JOKIC looks tired, the team as well, as the upstart SUNS, with a healthy CP3 look like they are on a MISSION!!!! Pride?? Maybe for 24 minutes, but do they have enough for 48 minutes?? The last game on the board, will the SUNS lay an egg, sleep walk & clinch the Series at hone in game #5 ??

8pm #554 NUGGETS +1.5 ** FIRST HALF**

Let’s hope the Nuggets & MVP have 24 good minutes in them, PRIDE, rally the troops & at least STEAL the first half tomorrow night.

Our last email, HAWKS +2❌, we talked about what was going to happen, BUT the 76ers answered the , we ready & took care of business, we shall see Sunday night if the SUNS are capable as well!!!

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Always wager & Invest Responsibly 🧐


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Enjoy the last day of the weekend, see you next week🧉

Jeff Dawson


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