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When talking Big Ten hoops the name Northwestern & Nebraska are NOT the first two teams that come to mind🤣. A league dominated by Michigan, Illinois, Ohio State, deeper than every league in the country this year , that’s even with Michigan State & Coach Izzo having a down year.

Today, Northwestern hosts Nebraska. Northwestern 8-14 vs Nebraska 7-18, a battle of not so heavyweights, but VEGAS seems otherwise 🤓🧐

Yes , it’s Senior day, but is there such a thing with lack of fans in the stands? How much is home court actually worth? Well for some reason , Vegas has an idea & with its Opening Number, they are BEGGING for some HUSKER money.

Always remember ECSI says, the OPENING number is the KEY, our job is too finish the story with a Happy ending & CASHING the 🎫

130pm #738 NORTHWESTERN -6.5 our FREEBIE... Our lines are @ Circa LV at 1225 am

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Always INVEST & WAGER Responsibly

Have a great Sunday & Best of Luck📈💵🥂

Jeff Dawson

CEO & Founder

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