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It’s time to shine!!!! A rematch, we’re the RAMS gave the Bucs there 1st loss of the year . It’s now the playoffs, it’s now in Tampa, so who does ECSI think will win, better yet COVER & CASH!!!

Rams on Monday night disposed of the Cardinals, rather comfortably. Rams offensively moved the ball effectively with the return of Cam AKERS & the resurgence of OBJ. Add Aaron Donald & Von Miller on the defensive side of the ball & it’s a recipe for SUCCESS.

Tampa, beats up a Philly team, that looked overmatched from the get go & Bucs sounded the CANNONS!!!!! On the down side, the already wounded Tampa team on offense, now potentially lose both right & left tackles, both suppose to play, but both not close to

Sharps have made a statement, ECSI will follow

3pm #315 RAMS +3.5 -120 our FREEBIE. We BOUGHT the HOOK at print!!! Secondly, sprinkle a little pizza & on RAMS +135 ML if you dare…

ECSI the #1 ranked sports investors according to Google 1st page, PLEASE SEARCH for yourselves!!!!! A sports information service, now in there 7th year of Public Service & over 40 years of experience in the sport’s gaming business. If your looking for your very own sports broker, please follow ECSI on Social Media, turn on Notifications & GET STARTED!!

If you can’t be bothered, NO IT ALL, already an EXPERT & PROFESSIONAL, PLEASE just UNSUBSCRIBE at the bottom of the page!!!

Always Invest & wager Responsibly

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Jeff Dawson


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