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Now watching the first 7 weeks in the NFL, it’s been like a roller coaster, but that’s normal in this Sports, especially for Vegas & all the Sportsbooks around the 🌎 Why you ask? It’s simple and comes down to these 3 questions.

1. Everyone has a favorite team or teams.

2. Everyone knows everything about the NFL

3. Most Important!!!! The general PUBLIC knows NOTHING...

NFL often stands for ANY GIVEN SUNDAY.. it really is true.. Any team can beat any team on Any Given Sunday, it’s proven... Vegas even adds Spreads to help you try to even the playing field, but most of the times, just clouds the picture.

The true facts is Vegas already knows about what % will come in on each side before they even release a Spread. They then can adjust a spread that will hopefully by kickoff even there books💪, or at least make it less than a real RISK for them.

Next, they release the games to there SHARP players Sunday afternoon while the PUBLIC is glued to the 4pm & 8pm games, to see which way they are leaning. This will help them on Monday morning when they release the numbers to the general PUBLIC. So my initial talks about the Sunday kickoff is that these games and numbers have been picked through 100,000 times, worst then a carcass at the local landfill. It’s really imperative that you stay connected , get as much information as possible, follow the right people closest to the Action & ones with the most experience as possible.

On to today’s FREEBIE.. Rams, who have flown under the radar, will now fly West to East for the 4th time. What awaits them? A Dolphins team with 2 weeks to prepare , unveiling there new shiny toy TUA Tagovailoa. A can’t miss QB from Alabama, who got injured last year, but miraculously has comeback from hip surgery and ready to debut. A MUST for Success, stop all world DONALD!!!! If they do, then there could be a UPSET ready to happen.


* If your feeling froggy, +$155 on the money line for some beer & pizza 💰 *

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Always INVEST responsibly 🤓🧐

See you next Sunday📈

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