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As the NFL turns, even COVID want stop Roger Godell from plowing through. Every league had a stoppage, some for 4+ months, some delayed start MLB till July?? Shortened Seasons, Bubble Life, but for some reason he feels that they are immune and MUST stick to the schedule and make Super Bowl 2021 on the first Sunday in February 🤐

Last week, ECSI released Tampa Bay Bucs +3.5 vs the Chiefs, now it wasn’t pretty, but in our Business, style points don’t always matter , it’s about CASHING the ticket💵, which we did by the HOOK, or 1/2 point. Now a few wise guys here, must not have read the bottom of the email, which clearly states “If you don’t like what we send on Sundays, click the UNSUBSCRIBE link at bottom of page.” ECSI follows over 50 Sportsbooks all over the world, off shore & VEGAS Strip, please don’t insult our intelligence with your nonsense and stupidity, we are trying to provide a Service for SERIOUS Sports Investors , or even Beginners who are willing to listen & learn the correct way, not what ESPN, FOX & the rest of the Social media spews , it’s toxic & entertainment, there is 0 education, because it’s all about the NUMBERS, not the names on the back of Jerseys or logo on front📈

Sermon over, the Saints 9-2, clear first place, even without Drew Brees travel to Atlanta and the 4-7 Falcons. Now on paper, another clear mismatch, Hill, Kamala, Micheal Thomas & a stingy defense should waltz right through the Swiss cheese defense of the Atlanta Falcons.

Trends , past performances, angles don’t pay the rent or mortgage, and a Falcon team that is playing its best ball of the year.

Now both Gurley & Julio are questionable as always, but Matt Ryan still has weapons and they have been clicking. The NUMBERs from VEGAS currently, 54% of bets & 40% of the money coming in on Saints. They opened -3.5, currently-3 at most shops .. The money line has Saints open -175, currently-145, a -30 drop. Falcons now +125 to win outright. ECSI will suggest the same thing we did last week..

FALCONS +3.5 -120... the -120 is to BUY the HOOK, if needed to get to +3.5🏈

If you like these FREEBIES on Sunday, like what ECSI is trying to teach, might be interested in connecting with us about potentially joining our team & FAMILY with our app & Back to the Basics or rather invest in our VIP experience, which is games & breakdowns sent to your cell phone via text & emailed daily, then reach out to one of our links and let’s get started!!! If you don’t want to receive these emails, then just UNSUBSCRIBE!!!!

Follow ECSI on Twitter @ECSportsInvest

Instagram & Facebook @ Jeff Dawson @eastcoastsportsinvestors

25 days left in 2020, we have profited 14 out of 17 weeks since the restart🚨🔥📈💵

VIPs this week, 9-2 +6.60 Units

NCAAB 12-4 to start the Season

Opportunity is knocking, will you get off the couch and answer?

See you at the Winners Circle 📈💵🥂

Jeff Dawson

CEO & Founder

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