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Now what’s better then NFL playoff football ? MVP & Super Bowl Champs Patrick Mahomes vs Baker Mayfield & the surprising Cleveland Browns.

Last week the Browns STUNNED the Steeler, scoring a defensive touchdown 16 seconds in, and blitzing out to a 28-0 lead. Eventually putting up over 40 points & eleven point victory.

Chiefs, on a bye, well rested and #1 AFC ranked team 14-2. In our business, the fact that they are 1-7 ATS the last 8 games. Also lost week 17 at home vs Chargers when everyone rested. There only other loss was also at home, -11 point favorites to the Las Vegas Raiders.

Now in comes the Browns, rolling as well, but seems like VEGAS is saying not so fast Brownies. Vegas opens Chiefs -10, now standing at -9.5 at most shops, having the PUBLIC scratching there heads, why??

PUBLIC always remembers what they say last, a Sunday Night romp. They also remember the Chiefs losing week 17 & 1-7 ATS last 8 games. What ECSI also wants to state, the Social media isn’t making much talk about the BYES this year. Only 2 teams got them, one in each conference. As we are writing this, the PACKERS coming off a bye just beat the Rams by 14 points.

Public perception again, says Chiefs defense suspect and expecting some rust as well. Browns can run the ball with Chubb & Hunt and play keep away from Mahomes & Chiefs. Now what??

It’s a Classic, are you Buying the Sizzle or the Steak? Yes, Browns are rolling, but Chiefs are the Super Bowl Champs with the MVP. Maybe we do see some early rust, maybe we do see an early Brown burst. Remember last year, the Texans came in with Deshaun Watson, go ahead 24-0, then the CHIEFS scored almost 40 straight and won the game & covered the -10.

CHIEFS -9 -120 ... ECSI bought the 1/2 point

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Jeff Dawson


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