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Sunday NFL Freebie 🏈

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

No CHUCKIE, no problem as the Vegas Raiders rolled into Denver without John Gruden, now permanently on the sidelines & didn’t miss a beat. All the off field issues, drama leading up to game didn’t seem to matter as the RAIDERS ROLLED!!!

In come the Philadelphia Eagles, the true Jeckle & Hyde team in the NFL. New HC & OC look lost, no rhyme or reason for there play calling & it shows!!!! When the lose, they generally lose badly, but we’re able to sneak in a back door cover 10 days ago vs the Bucs!!

With all this madness , Vegas books & casinos install the RAIDERS -3 or -3.5 favorites on Sunday.. 4-2 vs 2-4, a MUST win for one team & a statement for the other?? We shall see

405pm EAGLES +3.5 our FREEBIE.. now if your book has -3, buy the HOOK -120.. Also if anyone is feeling froggy, EAGLES outright +145 for a little pizza & money.

ECSI currently 10-2, our last 12 email releases, winners of 7 in a row. If your Serious about Sports Investing & wagering, come follow us on Social Media, checkout our website, send us an email & let’s GET STARTED!!!

If you enjoy ESPN, FOX, all the FRAUDS or wanna bees on Social Media, can’t be bothered with 45 years of experience, the #1 ranked Sports Investors according to Google 1st Page, then just unsubscribe at the bottom of page

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Always Invest & wager Responsibly

Jeff Dawson


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