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Sunday NHL Playoffs FREEBIE

The NHL Stanley Cup playoffs officially started yesterday. The most exciting sport to watch come playoffs. 60 minutes off up & down action, hits, saves, goals & generally 1 goal games , some decided in OT.

Sunday, the defending champs Tampa Bat Lightning travel to Florida to face the Panthers. Now, for most of the season the lightning have been playing men down, injured, but tomorrow could be at almost full strength. They opened -160 to win the series.

The Panthers, the home ice DOGS look to steal game 1, in which the Lightning have only opened -122. ECSI has always talked about the OPENING Number, a big part of our systems, then checking the over night movement by the SHARPS, then come morning, following what the PUBLIC does. We are already seeing what we want to see.

730pm. #66 PANTHERS +112 🥅

We are also hoping everyone enjoyed the RAYS on Thursday WINNER

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Enjoy the afternoon & see you at the Winners Circle

Jeff Dawson


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