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When the ️ Season started there is NO one that had the SF Giants not only the NL West leaders, but having the best record in the NL

Before this series started the Cubs had finally woken up, but as we are writing this post, the Giants are leading 4-2 in the 7th & looking to beat the Cubs again!!!

The last game of Series slates Hendricks for the Cubs vs the ageless wonder Johnny Cueto. One obviously would expect the Giants, at home , much better record & rolling to be a decent favorite, as they have been in the previous two games, but VEGAS is thinking otherwise!!! Opening lines, are a BIG KEY to telling the story, before the game & odds get to the PUBLIC.

405pm. #961 CUBS -109 *HENDRICKS*

This time of year there is so much ACTION going on, it makes your head spin like Carrie & hair stand up like Don King. ECSI, the #1 ranked Sports Investors according to Google 1st page, SLOWS down this overwhelming PROCESS!!!! Just because it’s on TV, doesn’t mean we must WAGER.. The more you put your BANKROLL at RISK, the better chance the BOOKS & CASINOS have of eventually WINNING

If you like what ECSI delivers, click the links below, reach out to us , DONT be a stranger , let’s see if the VIP experience is for you.. IF these emails & ECSI aren’t for you , kindly just click the UNSUBSCRIBE link at the bottom of

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Always remember to wager & INVEST Responsibly

Jeff Dawson


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