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The life of Sports Bettor

Sports betting is glamorous they say. It is exciting and exhilarating they say. You can make hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. It is easy money they say. You go to exotic places, you are in elaborate casinos just drinking and wagering making money hand over fist. They say?

What if it doesn’t quite go that way? Oh yeah. Twitter gamblers and touts. The experts in the business are there. There are seemingly thousands of winning players there. They all have winning plays you just need to pay them to get their services. Although there are a few legitimate touts in this business, there are so many others that make a mockery of it that it is best just to tune them out. Let me get this right. Someone goes on a mini heater winning 6 in a row and they have this thing figured out! It is a new money maker where they can sell their plays and make fortune while making the customer rich too. Great idea. Is NOT REAL LIFE! I suppose it is time to tell you that even guys with the solid “professional” image are not who they appear to be. Yes your favorite twitter, internet show, VsIN regulars and such are not what they appear to be. Sure they may when over time, but you might be surprised how often they lose!

What is the point here? The best sports gamblers are those in the off light. They GRIND everyday. They work ungodly hours on their craft. The win and they lose. They are not afraid of the downward runs, nor get over excited about the upward turns. Winning is work. Way more work than just about anyone is willing to put in. Sports gambling like most gambling is related to math. Odds are able to be broken into derivatives of meaningful data as to make comparisons which you make wagers to have an expected value positive return. Yet, the common gambler has no idea if they are making a mathematical smart choice or not. You see, there are many ways to win in this endeavor but only very few can actually do it.

I have done it. I have done with paid clients even. The point isn’t so much about me as much as it is to provide validity to the subject. This story is about my start to this MLB season. I have begun a brand new website, I my own produced show, I have need on podcasts, I have a Telegram page, I am on Riffr, and have many more projects upcoming. I work endlessly until my body won’t go any further. I make models and study advanced metrics to a point where I provide a substantial edge to the wagering market. All that said and all that work has led to a 7-24 start to MLB! That is what the life of a sports bettor looks like in real life. Down 17 units to start! However, the data is now better as the season is far enough along that I can use 2021 data. The turn is happening. I am 8-2 last 10 and those 2 losses were 1-0 and 1-0 games where I easily could have split or won both.

If you have been lucky to miss most of the start of the season with me, you are in good fortune. Now is a good time to pick up on what I do and what I provide. I require no money. I took down the pay wall. All I ask is that you support my sponsors and help me get more people to listen, observe, and learn what it really looks like to GRIND everyday!

My contacts are as follows, please support and help promote! Thank you!

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Always wager responsibly

Twitter @ECSportsInvest

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See you at the Winners Circle

Jeff Dawson


PS.. Hope everyone enjoyed the INDIANS +122️ Winner vs White Sox

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