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The news is full of non-sports related topics these days. We have handicapping services showing how to make tomato sauce for lasagna, covid19 updates on players, prior seasons games, posts from reporters who are bored at home, and athletes sharing Tik Tok videos of their wife and themselves dancing. I am sure there is more, but you get the idea. The prevailing topic though is NFL Draft.

The NFL Draft is to take place on April 23-25 as scheduled. This will likely be the only major sports activity to take place in the month of April and possibly May, so it becomes a bigger deal than it normally would. The 2020 draft class is also enriched by the number of potential QBs that will be taken in the 1st round or 2. There is a likelihood of at least 4 in the 1st round and possibly 3 more in the 2nd round! The list of QBs is Joe Burrow (LSU), Tua Tagovailoa (ALA), Jordan Love (UST), Justin Herbert (ORE), Jacob Eason (WSH), Jake Fromm (GA), and Jalen Hurts (OKL).

Teams that need QBs are CIN, WSH, DET (Stafford wants a trade), DEN, MIA, LAC, CAR, and NE. These teams are mostly in the top of the draft order as well. CIN goes #1, WSH #2, DET#3, MIA #5, LAC #6, CAR #7 and NE#23. There will be enough QBs to go around but will these teams take a QB or wait? Some teams like TB and DEN need QBs as well but might have priorities at other positions.

There are 6 defensive players ranked in the top 20 who can rush the passer. Virtually all teams need this kind of help and covet the opportunity to get such a player. A dominant pass rusher or having several pass rushers can be a key to making the playoffs or not. There are only 2 DBs in the top 20 so maybe there are teams that see this as a must choice due to lack of dominant talent. Offensively there are 3 WRs ranked in the top 20 and 4 OL ranked in the top 20. The OL is generally how you build a team through the draft and WRs are key playmakers in this league.

The excitement of draft day gets enhanced due to teams that trade up to get their man. I would expect that LAC are a team that would want to ensure themselves one of the top QBs available. They seem to be a fit for a team to watch moving up into the top 3 selections to ensure a selection. MIA is another team with a similar stance.

There seems to be a consensus of who the top 2 players will be as CIN takes QB Joe Burrow number 1 and WSH takes EDGE Chase Young from OSU. After these two selections, there is no consensus on who will go where or to who. LAC, MIA could trade up to the #3 spot to get their QB. Only one would be off the board at that point, so as mentioned above, this seems likely to be the spots where the action starts to happen. There are rumblings that OAK may do everything they can to move up to get a QB. My thought is that they are interested in Jordan Love.

Vegas has set some odds on the outcomes. Joe Burrow is -3500 to be the #1 pick and Chase Young is -480 to be the 2nd pick. These are obvious to stay away as the return is horrendous. Some interesting options are Tua Tagovailoa is -150 to be the 3rd selection to MIA, and +195 to LAC. There are prop bets for him such as Over 2.5 (selection number) -300 and Under +220. The tightest player odds are at RB. D’Andre Swift (GA) is -120 to be the 1st RB taken and Jonathan Taylor (WIS) is -110. My favorite is WR Jerry Jeudy (ALA) -120 to be the 1st WR taken.

Take some time to enjoy the NFL draft this season. It is the only thing going and a however brief segment of time you can get away from all the other news. Sports are a distraction from everyday life, and it should a positive one at that. Make your draft be the best and I hope your team is successful in getting their guy!

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