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Thursday MLB Freebie

Happy 4th of July weekend, an opportunity to celebrate our Countries Birthday & Independence Day. No Will Smith marathons please🥳

ECSI will be releasing one game today & give everyone the weekend off to celebrate with friends , family & loved ones.

As we get closer to July 11th, the official start of MLB All Star Break, since June 4th, the announcement of Spider Tack, starting pitching woes has been quiet dramatic & add the heat & humidity & offenses are feasting. Our goal tonight will be to get in & get out!!!!

710pm. #908 REDS +103 CASTILLO.. 1st 5 innings.. staying away from bullpens..

Mr. Castillo has really turned the page since his rough , early season start. Add the Big Red Machines offense, this team very dangerous, especially at home..

Sunday, the only silver lining was we played RL +120 on Yankees & didn’t lose -160.. Yes, that game was over early, a loss is a loss, but staying away from BIG FAVORITEs or CHALK, will save your BANKROLL in the LONGTERM!!!

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Always invest & wager Responsibly

Have a happy & SAFE long weekend, enjoy the fireworks & BBQs

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Jeff Dawson


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