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Thursday MLB Matinee FREEBIE

Only two weeks into the MLB Season and plenty off odd results have happened.. Red Sox, lose the first 3 games of Season, the rattle off 9 wins in a row. PreSeason Favorites Yankees, Braves, Padres, Oakland & more off to pedestrian or very SLOW starts. Hardest part for the fans & betting PUBLIC, its 162 games, a true MARATHON, 7 month journey, last man standing, generally taking the two best teams to almost Halloween Night..

White Sox, youth, starting pitching, SPEED to burn look to hold serve vs the Indians. As we are writing this, CWS is winning 8-0, on there way to take a 2-1 Series lead vs the Tribe.

Indians, trade LINDOR to the Mets. Also last year Pitching arm left the team, as they became sellers, something Tito Franconia and the rest of the fan base are not used to!!!! Let’s see if they can steal game #4 of the Series & EVEN the SCORE️🥜

210pm #965 INDIANS +122 *CIVALE* your ECSI FREEBIE

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Jeff Dawson


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