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Thursday MLB Matinee FREEBIE

It’s that time of the week in the MLB that is usually the 3rd game of the Series & travel day. As we are writing this, the Yankees are leading 2-0 top 6th, so anything can happen. Vegas has already opened tomorrow’s line & SHARPS have already moved it almost 10c

Now, we all know that the YANKEES & FAVORITES go hand & hand, a PUBLIC dream, a bigger dream for Books & Casinos. When they look at past performances, records, etc, NO WAY the Bronx Bombers can lose, lol..

Yanks will wheel out GERMAN, who was -140 opening line, RANGERS will counter with DUNNING who was +130, well that didn’t last long at all!!!!

210pm. #914 RANGERS +119 ️

On Sunday FREEBIE came up short with NHL & PANTHERS, but had to be top 3 games of the year, let’s get back into the Winners Circle & bring TEXAS HOME.

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