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It’s finally here, the NFL Draft 2021.. Last year was suppose to be LIVE, million people gathered in the VEGAS strip, but do to Covid just wasn’t the same!!! Now this year, your getting even more BUZZ, an event that just keep getting LARGER & LARGER.

What do we know?? Or let’s say, assume will happen..

Jacksonville.. Trevor Lawrence

Jets.. Zach Wilson

49ers.. Mac Jones

Now ECSI thinks the draft starts at #4 Falcons, who should draft a QB, or trade OUT, but seems like they can’t pass up on PITTS, tight end from Florida. IF FALCONS do draft him, he will become the highest drafted TIGHT END in NFL HISTORY

#5 Bengals.. There franchise QB Joe Burrows tore ACL last year, missed a lot of time, what better way to protect him then OT Peni Sewell, a monster who would keep JOE upright for a decade. BUT Joe’s binky former hookup wide receiver Ja Marr Chase is also there. Joe going hard for his wide receiver here, but will logic payoff?? As we are printing, we are hearing CHASE👀

Let’s get to our prop for the FREEBIE.. Every casino & books are different, so our odds will most likely different with yours.. Couple of weeks ago you could have gotten this at +140 our HIGHER 🚨🚨🚨

JAYLEN WADDLE -180 to be drafted before teammate DeVonta Smith. Today’s FREEBIE

The next two wide receivers to go of the board, teammates from BAMA. Smith won the Heisman , do to WADDLE getting injured early in the Season. Tonight we are looking at Eagles & Chargers to jump EARLY, let’s see who blinks 1st.

Have some fun with the draft, don’t push all in, one trade out or one crazy move , directly blow up the WHOLE DRAFT BOARD📈

Congrats on another FREEBIE WINNER on Sunday, we are rolling!!!! If you like these emails, maybe want more content, potentially VIP experience, click the links below & let’s get started.

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Always wager & invest Responsibly 🤓

See you at the Winners Circle 💴

Jeff Dawson


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