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Well not many people in the NHL circles, never mind , would have ever figured what could happen Thursday night. The Montreal Canadiens, behind Carey Price & the rest of the team are just one win away from playing in the 2021 NHL Stanley Cup🥱

After there game one loss to Vegas Knights, the Knights were -1100 to win Series, but the Habs have been resilient & riding a hot goalie & continuing a dream run.

Few weeks ago, this team was down 3-1 to the Toronto Maple Leafs & the Season all but over!!! They came back & won 3 straight vs Leafs, then won 4 in a row vs Jets, to get to this point.

Now Vegas still favored -143 at Montreal & will be at least -180 at home on Saturday if they win. But, Vegas Sports books has Habs -155 to win the Series, so something is not adding up, exact same scenario as Colorado Aves were, trailing 3-2 @ Vegas, and KNIGHTS prevailed in game #6, so ECSI will follow the same blue print.

8pm #22 MONTREAL +124 FREEBIE 🥅

Our last email on Sunday, Fathers Day, we lost 2-1, Pirates came up one run short. Now we clearly remind everyone, every email there is an UNSUBSCRIBE link at bottom of page, yes we hope & expect to WIN every release we deliver, but that’s unrealistic. The comedy is that when we win, the same people are cricket’s 🦗 , lose a game or 2, and forget about it!!!!!

Click any of the links below, reach out & meet & great the ECSI Team & FAMILY. Always wager & invest Responsibly

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See ya Sunday

Jeff Dawson


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