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Tuesday NHL FREEBIE 🏒🥅

Western Conference Championship is here & wow, grab your popcorn & peanuts🚨🚨🚨 Oilers & MCDAVID vs Aves & McKinnon, potentially one for the ages!!!!

Oilers stunned the Calgary Flames , while very methodical the Aves take care of the pesky Blues in six games.

What to expect ?? Initially OFFENSE & more OFFENSE, but we shall see if Mike Smith can with stand the onslaught of the Aves. Game #1 always tricky, but we shall see if we can sneak one through the five hole.

8pm. OVER 6.5 goals -130 your FREEBIE

Now let’s get this straight, one game doesn’t make a Service, never mind week or even month!!! What does?? Go to Google Search, type in Sports Investors, the #1 ranking on Google does, that’s 1st page & world. 7.5 years of Public Service & over 35 years of personal experience as well. If you never heard of ECSI, follow us on Social media, turn on your notifications, never miss a LIVE show, 2-3 time a day, also can download any show at your favorite Podcast platforms.

If you can’t be bothered, no it’s all, don’t need your own personal Sports Broker for just $2 a day, delivered to your cell via text & email , our daily releases, leans & breakdowns, please just UNSUBSCRIBE at bottom of page!!!!

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Always Invest & wager Responsibly 🤓

Jeff Dawson


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