Webbie Odds 04/09 and Notes

Notes: Today shows some variation in the odds. SD Musgrove shows the most with 57 basis pints but my number could be off or it could be more accurate but still not make me want to wager -180. Still, it is 11% EV+ so something to consider. Keep in mind TEX just beat TOR 2 of 3 so they come into the series with confidence. NYY Kluber is showing 27 basis points of value over TB and Hill. Then are are several variances from 13-19 basis points.

I was surprised at ATL line. Bookmaker has -124 and I have -111. PHI has been hot and Wheeler throwing well, so this one needs to be researched further. CIN looks like good value with Mahle. Playing a listless ARI team. It makes for another one to look into.

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