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Webbie Odds! Opening Day lines if I had to make them today 03/24.

Today is Thursday, March 24th, and MLB Opening Day is Thursday, April 7th, exactly 2 weeks away! I thought it might be a fun exercise to make some lines! Only a couple of pitchers are confirmed as opening day starters so I used roster resource to fill in the others. There are many things that can happen over the next couple of weeks like trades, injuries, and there are still a couple of free agents out there (Michael Conforto) that could alter numbers. However, I thought it would be kind of fun to make these early lines then maybe one with one week to go, then compare to the actual opening lines! That said, here they are.

03/24 Opening Day Odds

I think there are two really fun matchups. SEA @ MIN with RAY vs GRAY, and HOU @ LAA with VERLANDER @ OHTANI. The odds are tight in these games and seem like good pitching matchups. Most of the others are more lopsided. However, BOS/NYY doesn't really matter the odds most of the time.

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