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Wednesday night ⚾️FREEBIE

Baseball is a funny sports, meaning everyday is a different day… Vegas sets overnight numbers based on starting pitchers, then records, home team & everything else comes into play.. For the Public, DEGENS or novice, sometimes it’s hard to understand WHY a team with a much better record, at home, just won the last two nights vs an opponent is now an UNDERDOG , but at print tonight looks like the case!!!!

Last night Cardinals steam rolled the Marlins 9-0, with on of there better pitchers on the mound Lopez . As we are writing this, up 5-3 top 6th, still time, but ECSI is going to BUY now on tomorrow’s 3rd game of the Series.

745pm #907 MARLINS -119 our Freebie

If interested in our VIP experience, ALL Sports delivered to your cell via TEXT & Emailed for just $2 a day, a $315 a month retail SAVINGS, then go to our website & let the journey begin!!!

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All our LIVE shows daily, 2-3 per day can be downloaded at your favorite Podcast platforms

Always Invest and wager Responsibly

Jeff Dawson


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