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Wednesday Night NHL FREEBIE 🥅🏒

The Florida Panthers were within less than one inch from trailing the Capitals 3-1 in the Series, with an empty net that the puck miraculously somehow just missed. Less than one minute later, Panthers tie the game & go on to win in OT and bring back the series tied 2-2.

Capitals have not backed down once in this series, now a best of three & winner moves on to face either Leafs now up 3-2 vs defending Cuo Champs Lighting .

Now at print, Panthers are floating somewhere between -220 -230 & Capitals a modest +200. Obviously, ECSI wouldn’t release such a BIG Favorite, but we found a way to potentially sneak in the back door.

730pm #50 PANTHERS -130 in REGULATION… NO OT included 🚨🚨

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Always Invest & wager Responsibly 🤓

Jeff Dawson


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